Monday, January 21, 2008

Tour Pack Vibration

I have an Electra Glide Standard so I had to add a tour pack. I had been using a nylon bag that hung on the removable back rest. My wife liked the removable back rest, I got the tallest one Harley offers. But when I bought a tour pack and removable mount, she complained that it vibrated so badly that she couldn't keep her back against it.

I tried several ways to stop the vibration, but the only one that worked was to remount the tour pack back four inches. I used a piece of aluminum square tubing and drilled it to add a set of holes allowing me to remount the tour pack back four inches. The square tubing supports the tour pack as it now has to hang over the back or the detachable chrome mounting bracket.

The change has worked well because we now can remove the tour pack when we get to our destination, leave it in the hotel and cruise around town using just the detachable back rest.

Here is a photo of the installation. Also check two photos below to see how the install looks on the bike. That photo was taken on Hwy 395 near Lone Pine. You can click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view.

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