Monday, August 11, 2008

Looking for Order in the Universe

Entropy says, "sorry," but things in the universe tend to go from order to disorder. I've heard it said that Nature abhors a vacuum, well; Nature abhors a lot of things. What Nature really abhors a shinny new motorcycle.

Ever see a motorcycle that has been left to rot away and think about when it was new? The owner brought it home, and showed it to all the neighbors. He was proud of it, he washed and waxed it, he polished the chrome and rode it up and down the street. Now it's beside the barn, or under a tree, the paint gone and the aluminum slowly turning to dust. Was it the owners fault, did he loose interest, did he develop a substance abuse problem? None of the above.

No matter how hard one tries, a person cannot overcome the way things are. And the way things are, is that things tend to go from order to disorder. So just sitting in the garage your motorcycle is falling apart. Molecules of water are infiltrating the well-ordered matrix of chromium molecules that are plating various parts and the result makes nature truly happy, rust, oxidation and perfect disorder.

There's no use crying about it

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