Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feather River Ride, Day Two

Morning comes cold, around freezing and it's overcast. Great weather for a motorcycle ride, we just bundle up, saddle up and ride a few blocks for a good breakfast. By the time we leave the restaurant its 41 degrees, and warming.
Our route took us south through some of the great high county of the Sierra. We backtracked into the Feather River Canyon then east to Quincy. Then its meandering Hwy 89 to Truckee. The ride was quite cool but I was comfortable. The engines love the cold air and ran with gusto. We stop in Truckee for a Mexican Coffee a place called The Bar of America. Then we rode around the west side of Lake Tahoe.
Marie and I had to head home, so we split from the group and took Highway 50 west. David and Lynn stayed in Tahoe. Gary, Sherri, Scott and Rebecca rode to their cabin near Arnold via Hwy 88 over Carson Pass (follow the red line on the map).
Marie and I hit Hwy 80 in Sacramento and got home at about 11pm.

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