Monday, October 20, 2008

Feather River Ride, Day One

Finally, a get-a-way. Every October, Marie and I, go with a bunch of friends on a trip up the Feather River Canyon. At the end of the first day we stay in Chester. In days past we stayed at a little bed and breakfast in Crescent Mills, but unfortunately that place has closed.

Feather River Canyon is like riding in some one's model railroad. The highway and railroad cross each other and the river on bridges and through tunnels. There are dams for power and the water supply. It just looks like something that someone would have on their basement model train layout.
Marie rode her Sportster this year and I rode my Electra Glide, everyone else was two up. Scott rode his Evo with Rebecca. He put on his old seat and I helped him install a detachable backrest as a favor to Rebecca. Gary and Sherri rode their Electra Glide Ultra and David and Lynn rode their Yamaha.
Riding in the Sierra is beautiful but colder in October. The leaves have changed to golden and at times they fall around you as you ride. The daytime temperatures were around 60 degrees but at night and in the morning it's around freezing. Makes the ride to breakfast, brisk, very brisk.

We stay in Chester at a motel and restaurant called The Timber House. The restaurant is built out of huge logs cut end on. They have done a great job of modernizing the decor and the food is very good. The steaks are cooked just right and taste like a good steak should.

Good friends, good ride, good food, what's better than that?

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