Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is chip seal. Several of my favorite local roads have been resurfaced with it. The County says it's cheaper than regular asphalt repaving.
Cheaper indeed? Cheaper for whom? Will I be expecting a tax rebate for the money the county saved by using the cheaper chip seal method? Bet not. All of us tax payers got charged full boat. We were charged for Premium and got Regular.
Chip seal is a method for resurfacing a road in which hot oil is spread on the road surface and then loose rock is spread on the oil. This is supposed to glue the rocks to the roadway making a like new road surface. Bull!
The oil flows onto the road surface and follows that surface. If there are holes the holes are transferred to the new road surface. There is no flattening of bumps and there are voids where the rock didn't stick.
But my number one favorite thing about chip seal, the rocks pinging off my painted fenders. Oh Yea!

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Thumper said...

Oh hell yea! I got to experience some of that crap on my trip back from Washington State last summer on LoLo Pass.
Front fender still lives with the scars.
Thanks for the memories though. LOL!