Monday, May 12, 2008

She's Smiling

In California there are two kinds of people "C" and "C,M" people. "C" people drive cars and "M" ride motorcycles. The "C" is the California Drivers License code that designates the driver as an operator of a motor vehicle not a motorcycle. To be able to drive a motorcycle in California you need an "M."

Marie is now a motorcyclist in California. Yep, she got her "M." She signed up for a beginner motorcycle instruction course, studied for the motorcycle test and the rest is history. She did it all on her own without any encouragement from me.

I borrowed a Honda Rebel which is a 250 cc motorcycle and Marie has been riding around the neighborhood. We have been to the Harley Dealer and she likes the new Nightster. But she also thinks scooters are cute. I'm hoping she settles on the Sportster. I suppose it won't be too long before I come home and she'll be off riding my bike and smiling her face off.
The photos are of our ride on Sonoma mountain.