Thursday, November 13, 2008

Size Matters

I got hit by a big bug, just above my sun glasses. That got me thinking about the size of bugs. Sure, there have been enough movies about giant bugs threatening the world. I remember Them, about giant ants the size of a front loader and The Beginning of the End, about grasshoppers the size of a Greyhound Bus.

Really big bugs would be scary, but what if things were just slightly different. Most animals come in regular and large. A cat in large would just be like a lion or a tiger. A huge chicken would be like an ostrich. But imagine a preying mantis the size of a dog. I think I would buy a really good full coverage helmet to make sure one didn't try to chew my head off. Down boy, sit, stay. You're a good mantis, yes you are!

But there are some very small animals that are very aggressive. We don't really give them much thought because they are so small they pose no threat. Imagine a Chihuahua the size of a goat. That would be a vicious beast, not to mention scary looking, all buggy eyed with pointy teeth.

How about humming birds the size of pigeons...

It Wouldn't Be Safe to Go Outside