Sunday, January 11, 2009

La Mediterranee

We finally got some nice weather. At night it is still freezing but during the day it was warmer and clear. Marie and I decided to go for a short ride on my bide. We thought we would take a ride, perhaps to Sonoma for coffee or Novato for a salad.

After some thought we decide to go to La Mediterranee in Berkeley. I have been going to this restaurant for close to thirty years and it hasn't changed much in all that time. La Mediterranee has middle eastern food. I like Chicken Calicia, shredded chicken with almonds , chick peas, currants and cinnamon and wrapped in philo dough. Its served with hummus and salad with feta cheese.
We started out on a short ride and ended up taking a long ride. We got home late and it was cold, but we had great food, a good day.

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