Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bug Spray

Do you trailer your motorcycle to bike events?
Do people who actually ride their bikes give you a hard time?
Well, no longer, now there’s
BUG SPRAY is a wax based product that simulates dead bugs on your fairing. Pull into town and hide your trailer, just like you usually do, then apply bug spray to the front of your motorcycle. People will think you actually rode it!
After you have established your street cred, simply buff the wax based bug spray to a never ridden high gloss shine!

Get BUG SPRAY now!
Also available as BUG SPRAY JR. for helmets! And try BUG SPRAY BLACK for white and pastel paint!
WARNING - BUG SPRAY, BUG SPRAY JR. and BUG SPRAY BLACK do not contain actual insects or insect parts and as such do not convey to the user any actual experiences, skills or stamina. Only actual long distance riding can provide those results.

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