Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr. Desmo Cuts a Long Deal

...My friend Greg, who owns a Ducati Monster and has been thoroughly desmodromic, had developed a need for pushrods, probably something having to do with approaching old age. Maybe he is one of those rare motorcyclists that can recognize the beauty of both the Ducati and the Harley Davidson, but it's probably just old age.

.....Greg had been looking for a Road Glide, but when he found a really good deal on a Street Glide, he bought the bike. It was a beautiful 2007 Street Glide with only 8,000 miles on the clock, but he still really wanted a Road Glide.

.....It's a big world, somewhere out there is a guy, a mirror image of Greg, who has a Road Glide but really wanted a Street Glide. Call it fate, call it predestination, call it Craig's List, sure enough there's a guy in Salinas with a 2007 Road Glide with 4000 miles that wanted to trade for Street Glide.

.....They met at the San Jose Harley dealers parking lot, traded bikes and went home happy.

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