Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leaving For Laughlin 2010

We left for Laughlin with blue sky overhead but rain clouds all around. We managed to ride under the blue sky until we reached Stockton. The rain clouds closed and it rained. In fact it poured, and it poured on and off all day.

It was raining so hard that we were having trouble seeing so we stopped at Kettleman City on Hwy 5 and took a room.

The next day there were still rain clouds all around but we managed to ride between them and stay dry. We left Hwy 5 and went East through Bakersfield and over the Tehachappi Mountains to Barstow.
There are two ways to go to Laughlin from Barstow, we took Hwy 40 and cut off on an old section of Route 66 to Hwy 95, then cut off to Laughlin.
Our friends Rocky and Patty arrived a day later. They took the other route from Barstow, Hwy 15 to Nipton Rd., and through Searchlight Nevada to Hwy 95. Around Nipton they got snow and some stories to tell.

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