Monday, September 27, 2010

Did You Ever Have the Feelin' You Was Being Watched?

...Seems everywhere I look I see a camera looking at me.  I know that there is no expectation of privacy in a public place, but who told who that it was OK to put up cameras and watch us.
...What I mean is, did the State Legislature tell Cal Trans to put up cameras?  Did the Highway Patrol have them put up?  FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, NSA, NASA, who? 
...I know that there was no ballot measure asking citizens if they wanted to be watched every moment of their lives.

Cheap technoglogy is putting cameras in the few places the Government missed.

This camera is on the ceiling of the Bucket o' Blood Saloon in Virgina City, Nevada.
 This one's next to the bra at Thompson's Corner, Suisun.City, California.

Now I think I'm getting paranoid.

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