Friday, September 10, 2010

Jackson Hole ,Wyoming to Craig ,Colorado

We left Jackson Hole and went south along the Hobart River. Beautiful high country that eventually became sandy plains. I had to keep an eye out for antelope. We had only one slightly close call when a small antelope ran out in front of us. We stayed in Little America on Hwy 80 near Green River.

The next morning we headed south into the Flaming Gorge.

We stopped by the dam and took the tour. You know we had to ride over the dam before we left.

Of course there is NO FISHING below the dam.

We went on to Vernal Utah and took Hwy 40, which was practically deserted. We stopped for the night in Craig, Colorado.

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Tom Starr said...

Thanks for the ride. Great pics -and the trout! (salmon?)

Just got back from a 250o mi. MC trip to Banff, Calgary, Cody & Yellowstone.