Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Stampede

     The Stampede is a cross country race for choppers. The rules are simple: rigid frames (no rear suspension), no windshields, no fairings, no hard saddlebags, no rubber mounted engines, no chase vehicles.  I've been fascinated since I first heard about the Stampede a couple of years ago.
     Wes lives in Tuscon, Arizona but I usually run into him at the Laughlin River Run and this year at Sturgis.  When I learned he did the Stampede this year and finished 7th, I wanted to know more.       
     Wes' time for the 3050 miles from Santa Monica, California to Rockingham, North Carolina was 76 hours and 23 minutes.  Wes sent me the photos and comments below.
Santa Monica Pier @ 0600 - F-Bomb & Friend. F-Bombs girl friend, Lori, was killed last year during the race. She was hit by a semi in AZ. Shes remembered as the Queen of the Stampede.

Santa Monica Pier @ 0600 - Miyagi. Finished 2nd.

Santa Monica Pier - Booze Fighter Mack - Riding a strutted Sportster with questionable license and registration. Finished 11.

Santa Monica Pier @ 0600.

Santa Monica Pier @ 0600 - Sharkboy, Snell, Wes.

Santa Monica Pier @ 0600

Hotel in Santa Monica. Two days before the race the courtyard of this little motel in old Santa Monica was taken over. The manager finally went ape-shit. I negotiated a peace arrangement and we moved the bikes to a lot behind the motel. This was a good example of life-style clash. Keep in mind these guys were doing repairs to their bikes, everyone, with the exception of Snell, had ridden between 400 and 3000 miles just to get to the start.

Leaving for Santa Monica, Tucson @ 0300.

North Carolina, 3048 miles later. 

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George F said...

Crap, no shocks or springs??? you guys are nuts :-) I guess if I had the time I would join you guys since I'm a nut too ;-)