Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wildrose Canyon

     We turned from Panamint Valley into Wildrose Canyon, which is a gravel road. At the top of the canyon we decided to take a side trip to the Charcoal Kilns.

     After leaving Panamint Valley the road starts to climb. The gravel road to the Charcoal Kilns climbs steeply and the charcoal kilns are at about 6800 ft.. The road was closed just past the kilns due to snow but goes to Telescope Peak (11331 ft).

     The Charcoal Kilns were built in 1867 to provide charcoal for the mines and smelters in Death Valley. To make charcoal, the kilns were filled with Pinion Pine logs which were then set on fire and closed up to cut off the oxygen.
     The kilns were only used for 3 years and then abandoned.

     We left the Charcoal Kilns and headed back down the mountain to Highway 190. The Electra Glide breathed a sigh of relief now that it was back on pavement. We headed over Towne Pass (4956 ft.) and into Death Valley.

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George F said...

Ray, you my hero :-)
A big cruiser on snowy roads and the last picture? wow, that looked a little rough for a heavy bike. I did a road like that once on my Kawasaki Mean Streak and it wasn't funny. Great pictures.