Saturday, July 28, 2012

Smoke Out XIII

I had no idea what the Smoke Out was, I was so focused on the Stampede that I didn't even think about the Smoke Out. I wasn't even sure if I would stay for the Smoke Out, but I am glad I did. The Smoke Out was so much fun. The Smoke Out had this Southern vibe that I really liked. No one was acting tough, there was no drama, just guys and girls having fun. 

The Legion of the Long Road are a group of riders that do a 1000 mile tour to the Smoke Out. This year they started Bruceton, Tennessee and over 5 days rode to the Smoke Out. The Long Road Lounge welcomed the Stampede riders and was a great place hang out and to have a burger and beer, and it was also a good place to get out of the rain that came every afternoon.

I was surprised to find that you could ride your bike anywhere on the Smoke Out grounds. Try that at any Western motorcycle event, but think about it, isn't that what it's all about. There was no police presence, either at the Smoke Out or on the surrounding roads, there was simply no need, people behaved themselves. What a concept.

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