Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bonneville Salt Flats

On the way to Sturgis this year, I stopped by the Bonneville Salt Flats.   I have always wanted to go out on the salt and now was a perfect opportunity.

     I was a little worried about the effects of the salt on my bike. Would the salt cause a cancerous corrosion?  I'll let you know, but I couldn't resist going.

 The Utah Rocket Club hosts an annual rocket launch called "Hellfire," think of it as a Vertical Speed Week.  The first rocket that I saw launched went 16,000 ft high, pretty incredible.  Out on the salt the distances, the flatness, the whiteness, were just overwhelming, throw in a few rocket launches and  it was an unforgettable day.


gordon said...

A regular Bert Munroe


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray, regarding the corrosion, there should be a local high school club washing salt off cars and stuff. Pay them extra so you can wash it yourself and go to town at every angle, TRUST ME!! And i think stopping by the salt flats was my idea :)) glad to know you took advantage of it. Windover is a beautiful and strange town and the flats are the fastest place on earth. Enjoy good freind,
S. O. Bob Marshall :))