Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aunt Ruffio's House

     Marie's great Aunt Ruffio built a two story adobe house in the town of Valecitos high in the mountains of New Mexico.  The house was built around 1880. Marie has always wanted to see the house so we rode into the mountains above Santa Fe.

Aunt Ruffio built the house with her own hands and the construction is quite remarkable.  The walls are over two feet thick which was probably necessary to carry the weight of the second story.  Marie's cousin Rufus lived in the house as a boy and remembers the house to be warn in winter and cool in summer.

We met Maryanne Snow, who is now the owner.  She was very gracious and showed us around the house.  She no longer lives in the house and the house has fallen into disrepair, as has the little town of Vallecitos.

But it's not hard to imagine back to a time when Vallecitos was a growing little town and the house was nestled in the little valley, warm and cozy

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