Thursday, April 18, 2013

Build a Better Mousetrap

     I met Mike Thielvoldt at the Carnegie Hill Climb, he is an inventor and entrepreneur.  His company, Jackrabbit Devices, makes a throttle control for hill climb bikes called The Trigger.

     Mike's device eliminates the twist grip and replaces it with a "trigger" operated by the index finger . Mike says the trigger lets the index finger work through a natural range of motion and keeps the rider from dropping the shoulder.

     His display is quite convincing.  He has a handlebar mounted like a chin up bar, he then invites people to do a pull up and work the throttle at the same time.  I have to admit that the Trigger works.

Mike seems like a nice guy, he is clearly proud of his invention and has an excitement about his product that's infectious.  Mike's web site is

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