Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stampede 8 Results

1.      Paul Corey                         69:25
2.      Chris Schreiber                  79:50
3.      Rich Allen                          82:20
4.      Jared Stoker                      86:00
5.      Jay Jacobs                        89:00
6.      Kris DeBaer                       91:28
7.      Frank Dotson                     91:30
8.      Steff Brooks                       92:00
9.      jer & Willie                            92:43
10.    ?                                        92:52
11.    Morgan McCorrison          101:35
         Elmer L Hutchins
12.    Cy Henry & Angie Corvi   110:40
         Velardi Gonzales
         Richie Samara
13     ?                                       118:15

     This is the info that I have. Paul and Chris got Hardass patches.  I DNF'ed this year, electrical problems.
     The route started in Tokeland, WA this year and followed Hwy 12 over the Lolo Pass to Minneapolis. From Minneapolis the route went to Green Bay, WI then turned south through Chicago and through Indianapolis, IN to Hwy 50 where it turned east to Washington DC.  From DC the route went through Annapolis, then cut south to the finish at the Greenleaf Inn in Pinebluff, NC.
     It was a grueling 3600 miles of winding secondary roads.  There is a sign at the start of the ascent to Lolo Pass reads 99 miles of winding road.  In addition to the normal rigors of the Stampede and the 550cc displacement restriction, there were bitterly cold nights, heavy traffic, animals, fog and more to deal with on the route.  
      I'm still traveling around and have a ton of photos.  I'll write more and post photos when I can.