Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sturgis, The Horse Magazine Bike Show

     My favorite event at Sturgis is The Horse, Backstreet Choppers magazine bike show, at The Full Throttle Saloon.

     My favorite part of the bike show is checking out the details.  I love to see things re purposed as bike parts. These builders are so sharp and subtle that I'm sure I missed most of the really great stuff.


     Some Stampeders came to Sturgis for the show. (left to right) Mr. Miyagi (Steff Brooks), Stampeder and owner of 86 Customs, Grampaw (David Gooden), senior Stampeder and Gary "Smoke" Forberg who started his first Stampede this year.
     Charlie Davis, El Nomad, writes for The Horse magazine (left) was a judge at the show. Grampaw brought his family who scored some swag at the show's raffle. It was really nice to see everyone there.

     But bike shows are all about bikes...

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