Saturday, May 3, 2014

100,000 miles

My bike turned over 100,000 miles.  It's still reliable and still runs well.  The inner fairing is a little faded but the bike still looks good. I'll take more photos at 200,000.

Robots Stealing Jobs

Thursday, May 1, 2014


     At the begining of April, I got an email from Bob Allen and Emma Nicholson of MotoPOCKETS.  Their company makes a variety of small storage bags that fit conviently on motorcycles and just about anywhere you might want some extra-handy storage. They said they would like to have me try their Top Case Net for my Tourpak.

     The MotoPOCKET can be mounted in quite a few places within the Tourpak.  I considered mounting it on the lid but I often have so much stuff that I have to use the lid like a trash compactor and might squish something when closing the lid.  I decided to mount it on the rear right near the latches.  That way you can just lift the lid and reach inside to remove items from the MotoPOCKET or the whole MotoPOCKET itself, the MotoPOCKET is held in place by a velcro pad and can be easily taken with you.

     The MotoPocket was very handy.  I kept my small camera there as well as my sunglasses, phone charger and ear bud, you get the idea. Just about anything that you might want handy but don't want to carry in your pants pocket.

MotoPOCKETS can be found at