Sunday, August 9, 2015

There are Great People Out There

     After the Smoke Out I was on my way home and I was in a hardware store in Elizabeth Town, NC, looking for a bolt for safety wire. Neal said he lived nearby and offered to drill the bolt for me. Thanks Neal. Nice van too. 

     My front muffler bracket broke. I used some bailing wire to hold the muffler and went to Harley Davidson of Ashville, North Carolina. 
     Peaches, on the right in the photo, recognized my bike as a Stampede bike. I took the bracket off and Peaches took it to Justin, who is probably not really suicidal. Justin welded the bracket and I reinstalled it, perfect. 
     Neal, Justin and Peaches are the kind of friendly, generous people I find all over the country. Thanks guys.   


Neil said...

I just stumbled upon this. this is Neil from NC. It was my pleasure, man! THANKS FOR THE Burrito afterwards!! I see you had a nasty wreck, i hope you recovered well and are back on 2 wheels! I moved to SC, so if your ever in the area, look me up!

Ray Watson said...

Hi Neal,
Great to hear from you. I was Elizabeth NC a few months ago. I was going to stop by but I couldn't remember how to get to your house. I see there have been a lot of changes in your life, mine too. My daughter, Lee, is still in the Navy. She's married with a baby and living in Norfolk. One thing that hasn't changed is that nut you drilled for me. I haven't changed it or even taken off the safety wire. It was the perfect fix.

Neil said...

I sent you an e mail back Ray! I am now living in Beaufort SC .