Friday, February 22, 2008

Freaks O' Nature

Here is a photo of a bike that I saw in London. It is a BMW C1. BMW what were you thinking? This is supposed to be a safer motorcycle that you can ride with out a helmet because you are so strapped in that your head could not hit the pavement. That’s right, seat belts and rollcage, a little car on two wheels.
We have been having so much rain here in Northern California lately that my brain began to wander, motorcycle rain/rain motorcycle, that’s when I remembered seeing the mighty C1. It might not be too bad riding with a windshield and roof. Put some side curtains on the thing and Viola.
In 2001, the first year of manufacture BMW produced 10,000 C1’s. In 2002 BMW produced only 2000 and production ceased the same year. What happened? I think people had a revelation. They woke up one morning, walked out to their scooter and said, “Whoa, this thing has got to be right up there with Lamas, and miniature horses, it’s a freak of nature."

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