Friday, February 15, 2008

Art Deco

One of the things I like most about my motorcycle is how adaptable it is. I can change from a “street” look to a full on touring bike in less than ten minutes. That’s art deco masterpiece to touring bike in less time than it takes to fill the gas tank. I know some other bikes have removable tour packs and saddlebags, but few will let you change the windshield and seat as easily. And none that I know can change the entire character of the bike.
Several other manufacturers make “Dual Purpose” bikes; these are really big dirt bikes that sacrifice being real dirt bikes for highway abilities. They are perfect for going to Alaska and I’m sure that the Alaska Tourist Bureau thanks them. You can pile on so much luggage that you can easily exceed the weight rating on the tires, but it is what it is. Luggage on, luggage off it’s the same thing. Change the windshield, it’s different, but it’s the same thing. Like a chameleon these bikes they can change their skin but not their character.
None of the street bikes have this ability. There is a charge by the Japanese manufacturers to cut into Harley Davidson’s market share. But they miss the point, as they are what they are. One style, no changes. You buy one bike and you have one bike. You can customize it, change it, and it is different but still one thing only.
That doesn’t make any if them bad bikes. I don’t think there are any bad bikes. There are unreliable bikes that have vast fan clubs. There are dangerous bikes that sell like hotcakes. There are ugly bikes and beautiful bikes and all find fanatical devotees.
I just like this bike.

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