Sunday, March 30, 2008

All God's Children Got Less Troubles

Back on March 17th I wrote about how my motorcycle had developed a serious vibration problem. The vibration then caused an annoying noise that was coming from the passenger seat. Marie and Lee both noticed it and complained that the backrest and passenger footboards had a high frequency vibration. Well the problem was a broken motor mount. So I fixed the problem and all is well.

I also checked the cam chain tension pads and they are half way through their life span. I’ll check them again in about a year.

Marie and I took off for a short ride just to make sure the vibration was gone. We rode out to Sebastopol on Gravenstein Hwy, came back by Hwy 12 and down Hwy 101. It’s a short loop but we had fun. We stopped in a little tea shop called "Infusions" and bought some loose tea for the homestead.

The day was cool but felt good. It was threatening to rain and did rain a little but the rain was more of a misty rain and we didn’t get wet.ddd

Fixed the Garage Door as Well.

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