Monday, March 17, 2008

All God's Children Got Troubles

We went for a little ride and while on the freeway Marie tells me she feels a vibration. She says she feels it through the passenger floorboards and the backrest. She says at about 80 mph it is so strong that the vibration of the backrest makes her back itch and she can barely stand to keep her feet on the floorboards. I of course feel nothing.

But then as we ride, I notice that the engine does not sound quite right. I can see vibration in the fairing. When we get home I checked the plugs and they looked alright. Clean and a good tan color, which shows they are working alright. I'm pretty good with plugs after having all those two stroke bikes over the years. It's not plugs.

Tomorrow I will check the motor mounts and pull the timing cover and check the pads that tension the cam chain. The photo shows the pads. I have heard that they often wear out at the 25-30k mileage area. If its not one of these two things, I don't have a clue.

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