Monday, March 10, 2008

Bikes I Have Loved, 1970 Sportster

This is my first Harley. I really like the look, althought it is old school. Notice the front brake is from a Bultaco dirt bike. Although you can't see it in this picture it is a stepped design which has longer spokes on one side. This reduces weight and increases strength. Looks cool, but it won't stop this bike at all. In fact that front brake won't even hold this bike on a hill.
The rear tire is Goodyear. I can't even remember when Goodyear made motorcycle tires. The tire has a very car like tread. The front tire is as skinny as a bicycle tire, it's a 21" but is only 1 1/2" wide. This bike has a lot of chrome in just the right spots and the flame job is just right. I really like the drag bars, they are comfortable and give the bike the right attitude. The bike is a kicker with a Delordo carb but it starts easy.
I might someday redo the front end and make it a little more modern, but then again no.

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