Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Canyon Side Trip

Friday we had breakfast at Katherine's Landing Coffee Shop and headed for the Grand Canyon. The weather was warm and it felt like it might be a warm ride. There is no helmet law in Arizona and Sherrie and Gary didn't wear helmets. Marie and I got new helmets with visors and we wore them to keep from getting too sunburned.

It's about 145 miles to Williams on Hwy 40, then another 60 miles on Hwy 64 to the Grand Canyon. Even though the ride was over 400 miles round trip, what the heck, we're tough, right? We got into Williams around noon and had lunch at the Pine Country Restaurant. The food was really good, and they make good pie. After lunch we headed on to the Grand Canyon.

What can I say about the Grand Canyon that hasn't been said. It's beautiful on a scale that can't be completely comprehended. Just looking down off the cliffs is so disorienting that you sometimes can't tell if you are actually looking down or off into another canyon. There were other bikers at the overlook, Asian tourists were posing with some good natured bikers for snapshots.

We left at sunset and started to notice how cold it was, Williams is about 6500 ft. and the ride was freezing. Sherrie and Gary had their sweat shirt hoods tied tightly around their heads, but I knew they were suffering. Marie and I had left our chaps but were fairly warmly dressed, but I was still cold. When we got to Williams we went back to the Pine Country Restaurant and had hot soup and coffee and warmed up. No one was looking forward to the ride from Williams to Laughlin, but when we got on the road it was not as cold as the ride from the Grand Canyon to Williams. There was no moon and the night was really black. We got back to Laughlin about midnight.

Did I mention that it was grand?

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