Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Get Gasgas

Here are the photos of us picking up Scott’s bike at a Compton shipping warehouse. Scott bought the bike at Kauai Harley Davidson in Lihue, Hawaii. The bike is no Harley, it’s a 450cc dirt bike made by a Spanish company called GasGas. The bike is designated as a Gasgas EC450FSR. GasGas is known for making trials bikes, but the company also makes motocross, supermotard, quads and enduro bikes. Scott saw the bike while on vacation and was intrigued. The bike has fuel injection, which is just being introduced by the Japanese on their dirt bikes.

Modern computer controlled fuel injection is one of the best things that has happened to the gasoline engine. Fuel injection makes engines run better and last longer. The Gasgas Company has been putting fuel injection on dirt bikes since at least 2003. GasGas has a “no battery” system that runs the fuel injection and saves weight, all pretty cool.

Scott made a deal and the Harley dealer put the bike in a Harley Davidson shipping crate, the crate was then shipped to Long Beach and trucked to a warehouse in Compton where we picked it up. The big Harley box got a lot of attention on the road. The trip to pick it up was quick, one day down and one day back, so we didn’t even uncrate it when we got back. We are going on an annual camping trip next weekend and I’ll ride the bike then, take some photos and let you know what I think.

Click on the photo to see the carnage.

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