Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Road to Enlightenment

Half the world is searching for enlightenment. The eastern religions are based in the search. Many hours are spent in meditation seeking to rid oneself of ego, to achieve the liberated mind that no longer clings to the self. The sage tells us that ego is a deeply compulsive fascination with one’s own image and sense of oneself. This translates into an unwholesome emotional and psychological enslavement to a profoundly self-centered relationship with oneself. Upon reaching that point in which ego is eliminated one reaches a state of nirvana.

Sound difficult; think that one must go on a spiritual quest that might well last a lifetime, or many lifetimes? Nonsense! Buy an Electra Glide and hit the highway. That’s the road to enlightenment.

Many times while driving down the highway I will suddenly become self-aware. I suddenly realize that I have been a person of pure thought and have not been aware of myself for some time. Even though I am unaware of myself, I function in the world, as evidenced by the fact that I have negotiated the road without crashing or simply running off the road into another spiritual plane, which I do not desire at this point in this existence.

The Road to Enlightenment is Actually a Road ..................... and You Thought this Stuff was Hard.

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