Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cold Night in Bridgeport

This morning I was out in the cold. It was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and I was in a nice warm car. I was turning from Petaluma Hill Road onto East Cotati Ave., on my way for a hot cup of coffee. That’s when I saw a guy on an Electra Glide heading in the other direction. I knew he was cold and I began to reflect on times when I have been riding in the cold.
The attached photo is in Bridgeport, California. Bridgeport is on Hwy 395, which runs through some of the most beautiful and wild territory these United States. It’s harsh country and sparsely populated.

My friend Greg and I arrived about midnight and the temperature was in the high twenties. As you can see from the photo I did not have a very warm jacket and you can tell from the color of my nose that I am cold.

Oddly enough this photo was taken outside of a bar.

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