Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ernie's Tin Bar

When my friend called saying he was on his way home from Vallejo and did I want to meet at Ernie's for a beer, I immediately said...."let me check with the wife." After recieving the propper clearance and not a bit of grief (I love that woman) I fired up the bike and headed for Lakeville Rd, the location of Ernie's Tin Bar.
It has been raining and cold for the last, I dunno, month or so. I have really been antsy to go somewhere, anywhere. But Ernie's was a really good call. Ernie's is a small very old gas station now festooned with neon beer signs. The beer is cold and cheap. I have never seen or heard anyone in this bar who was ill manered or bad tempered.

The ride is not far, the weather was cold but good. I could see rain coming from some clouds around the horizon but thankfully not near. The bike loves cold air, you can feel that little bit of extra compression and hear it in a crisper exhaust note. I pulled into Ernie's, had a couple of beers that were the exact right termperature and the exact right price. Left Ernies and rode home with the temperature in the high 30's. Perfect day, perfect night, perfect ride.