Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Man is Not Having a Heart Attack

Marie thinks this is really funny. When I’m concentrating really hard on tightening a really inaccessible bolt and she thinks it’s time a fun time for a photo.

There’s one thing I like about working on a motorcycle as opposed to working on a car, you can sit on a box and massage the motorcycle into shape. On a car you are usually contorted beyond all comfort, working to loosen a nut that is tight beyond any torque spec known to mortal man and barely within reach.

Nuts and bolts are really strange things, they have minds of their own, it doesn’t matter if you are working on a motorcycle or a car, they tend to wander off. If you drop one it will roll and bounce like a ping pong ball. Like water, which will seek the lowest point, a dropped nut or bolt will find the most inaccessible point to make its new home.

But once again the exception proves the rule and here I am trying to tighten a really inaccessible bolt in a contorted position, and its on a motorcycle.