Friday, May 9, 2008

Chrome or no chrome

It's the smallest choice, it's time to change the oil and either I use a chrome oil filter or a black one. No problem. Just pick one and put it on. Then why do I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous torment over the choice? It's driving me nuts. I have been thinking this over since the last oil change.

Is there a way to figure this out rationally? Ok lets reason this out. I've use a black one for the last two oil changes. The black one is cool. The chrome one is cool too. It looks like a jewel and Harleys come stock with chrome.

I'm normally a very decisive guy. What's the big deal? Just pick one and put it on. With everything else on the bike it was no problem, I know what is best. I can see it in my mind before it is installed. But these damn oil filters.... Maybe it's because they're changed every time the bike is serviced, so I don't make a decision once and live with it, but have to make the decision over and over again. Maybe it's because there's too much symbolism in the two choices.

So, Ok, I'll just take the black one, no the chrome one. Ok, enie minie miney, no. I'll flip a coin, heads chrome, no heads black, oh kay. Maybe I'll just...put off the oil change for a few days.

Procrastination is easy when you are good at it.