Monday, May 26, 2008

Warning, Llama Alert

This is a motorcycle blog yet I feel obligated to warn of a new invasive species that has begun populating the California countryside. This foreign invader is displacing cows, sheep and horses on American soil. As I ride the back roads of our country, I see this foreign invader in increasing numbers. The animal is known as a Llama.

The Llama looks at first as though it might be a benign creature, maybe even another form of farm animal. Even though they may seem peaceful enough, these animals have a very dark side. If you approach one of these deceptively placid looking animals, you risk a face load of llama spit. Yes, these animals will spit right in your face.

Name one American farm animal that would do that. Would a cow or chicken or any other domestic animal spit? I should say not.

That's as close as I dare go.