Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Little Ride to San Jose Redux

As I said in my last post, Marie wanted a warm weather jacket, so we headed to the Road Rider Store in San Jose. We followed almost the same route that I followed the previous week, with a few exceptions.

She bought a Firstgear Mesh Jacket for warm weather. I am happy she got it because it has CE rated elbow and shoulder protection. She wore it home and she felt cool when the temperature was in the 90's.

We cut over to Skyline Blvd from Hwy 280 and had a bite to eat and a cold drink at Alice's Restaurant. Skyline is a winding road that follows the crest of the hills along the ocean. It is really hot one the east side and quite cold on the west. The road is very popular with motorcyclists, hot roders and sports car enthusiasts. Alice's is a good place cool down, take a break, have something to eat, watch people and look at cool motorcycles.

We stopped to put on warmer clothes where Skyline meets Hwy 92, then headed west on 92 to Half Moon Bay. From Half Moon Bay we went north on Hwy 1 to Devil's Slide. I said that I would get some photos of the tunnel being dug at Devil's Slide and I'm coming through on that promise.

I'm not really too sure why they think that building a tunnel in the Devil's Slide area is such a good idea. The land is very unstable in this area. In the last photo the building (or building wreckage) can be seen from the south end of the tunnel.
Tunnel builders must be optimmists.