Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hacks, Trikes and What?

Trikes and ... other more than two wheel thingies, seem to be very popular this year. I saw a number of these three wheel Can Am things. They sort of resemble a snow mobile and I suspect they may have a snow mobile in their Can Am heritage.
I saw a lot of Sportsters with four wheels in a training wheel type configuration. Several had trailer hitches, and several appeared to be removable. I guess if you are feeling tippy you bolt on the other two wheels for security. While I like a nice side hack and would have one if I had the room, I think trikes and these other three and four wheelers are just weird, but to each his own.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knows what those crazy trikes were that were on the strip through the weekend?
They were custom made by the folks that were riding them, but I can't recall what they were called???
They had v-twin engines in them but that is about all I can recall?????