Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cavedale Road Ride

It has been raining nearly every day. The news has been reporting on mudslides, drownings and assorted liquid mayhem all the while telling us that we are in a terrible drought. So when we had a break between severe thirst and drowning, I took off. Aimless as usual, I had lunch in Santa Rosa and headed east on Hwy 12 toward Sonoma.

When I came to Trinity Road, I decided to take the windy road over the mountain to the Napa Valley. Near the top of the grade I saw Cavedale Road and the sign that said, "Winding one lane road next 7 miles." Now we're talking my language. Finding a new road practically in your backyard is too good to be true, but true it is! This turned out to be one of the most beautiful and interesting rides in Sonoma County. .
I started down the road not knowing where it would come out. The road actually loops back onto Hwy 12, but along the way there are great views of the Sonoma Valley and San Francisco Bay. I've seen The Bay from a lot of places but this was a very unique angle. Along the way I passed a hole in the side of the road, maybe the cave of Cavedale? At the end of the road there is a plaque giving the names of people who donated to get the road built in 1915.

While doing some research on Cavedale Road I found some local lore that there was a high class brothel high up in the canyon and money was raised to pave the road to the resort. I also learned about another back country road that is nearby called Veeder Mountain Road, which I plan to ride soon, that is if this killer storm gets over before the drought.