Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Ride Home

When we left Reno on Friday afternoon, we headed south through Carson City. Just south of Carson City and just south of Hwy 50 West, we took Jack's Valley Rd.. Jack's Valley runs right at the edge of the Mountains. It is a great road with the Sierras rising from the roadside.
...The road goes through the little town of Genoa and hits Hwy 207, the Kingsbury Grade at Mottsville. The Kingsbury grade is a great motorcycle road with sweeping curves and beautiful views of the valley. Hwy 207 reconnects with Hwy 50 at Lake Tahoe and we went west on 50 toward Sacramento.
...While we were stopped for a cold beverage and a break, I was checking the map for a way around Sacramento. We were going to be in Sacramento at about 6:00 PM, during the worst of the Friday Commute and Hwy 80 would not only be the usual crappy road, but would be jam packed and hotter that the hinges of hell. A good Samaritan, seeing that I was checking the map, asked if we were lost.
...When I told him that I was looking for a route around Sacramento and Hwy 80, he suggested taking the Prairie City exit and taking Grant Line Rd.. So we skipped Sacramento and Hwy 80 traffic jams and ended up taking Hwy 12 back through Rio Vista.
...We rode into a brilliant red sunset after a great days ride, what could be better.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Street Vibrations

Street Vibrations started September 23 and ran through September 27th. Since I had not been to the event before, I had no idea what to expect. They closed Virginia Street, which is the main street, for about six blocks for vendors, food and music. There is also a convention center on the next block that had more vendors.

Marie has now been riding long enough that she knows where her bike could be improved. We visited the Progressive Suspension booth. A set of shocks and fork springs will probably be in store for her sportster.
...We also visited the Mustang Seat booth. They were very helpful and Marie was able to bring her bike into the booth and try on a solo seat with a back rest.

Unfortunately we had to be back by Saturday, so after checking out of our hotel on Friday we went over to the Reno Harley Dealer. Harley had their test ride program in full swing and there were lots of vendors and food.
...There was a great rat bike parked on the street, and I snapped a photo. The bike had an Illinois plate and we wondered if the guy had really ridden that far, I'll bet he probably did.

On the way out of town we passed hundreds of bikes heading to Reno for Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time and next year we will plan to stay longer.

The Ride to Street Vibrations

...I have never been to Street Vibrations before. So we made reservations and headed to Reno. We took Hwy 88 over Carson Pass, the same route that we took to Laughlin in the Spring. The photos were taken at the same place, but the middle photo, the one with the snow, was taken in the spring on the run to Laughlin.
...Instead of going south over Monitor Pass, we stayed on Hwy 88 to Minden, Nevada and turned north on Hwy 395. We stopped in Carson City briefly, then arrived in Reno about 6:30 PM on Wednesday.