Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lake Berryessa Spillway

Its been a very wet winter. All the reservoirs are above 100% capacity, so I thought of the Lake Berryessa spillway, called the Morning Glory Spillway. My friends Ryan, who just sold his hot rod Nightster and Greg, who just got his Road King, rode with me to see if the spillway was in action.

The Morning Glory Spillway is one of the most..., well I really don't have words to describe it. My Daughter, Lee, thought it looked so scary that she said she wouldn't swim anywhere in whole lake.

I've never seen the spillway working, so we took a ride to see for ourselves. The photo below came from the internet.

Too bad, the water just wasn't high enough to crest the spillway, but you can still see the size of this thing. One day I hope to see it in action.


Mike B. said...

That would be An awsome site

Manbulance said...

Its gonna happen soon. As of today, it has only 5.2 feet to go

Ray Watson said...

Today is Thursday and it's still raining. Saturday is supposed to be sunny. Marie and I are planning to go see the spillway on Saturday.