Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

When I pulled into Laughlin my bike was dirty from the rain and road. I noticed that there were very few other dirty bikes. Did they all pull into town and hit the car wash? I don't think so, they trailered.
I was all set to blast these poseurs as sissies, but I'm glad I took time to think things over. After all shouldn't motorcycling be an all inclusive sport? Shouldn't there be room for everyone. After all there are sport bikes, antique bikes, dirt bikes, European bikes, choppers, bobbers and more. Why should anyone look down on those who get their pleasure by trailering their bike to an event and pretending they rode there?
...So from now on when I see a bike with, maybe, 4000 miles on the clock and the owner says he has been to Laughlin, Sturgis, and where ever, I'll just accept that he enjoys motorcycling in a different way than I do.

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