Sunday, September 12, 2010

Berthoud Pass

On the way to Denver we went over the Berthoud Pass. We turned onto Hwy 40 at Vernal Utah and continued into the Rocky Mountains, over Berthoud Pass and on to Denver, Colorado.
The road going up Berthoud Pass was a lot of fun as it was wide with great sweeping switchbacks. The scenery is beautiful with heavily forested mountains to the rocky timberline.

The pass is a high one, and the bike was running a little sluggishly. The exhaust sound was muffled and not crisp, but we had no real problems with altitude the entire trip.

We stopped on the summit of the pass to take some photos and to soak in the views and while we were there a group of Swedish riders stopped to do the same. I asked if they had shipped their bikes and they said they had rented, and that renting in the US was much cheaper. They were interested in my Harley. They said that there were Harleys in Sweden but they were very expensive, still there is that Harley mystique that attracts people.

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