Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You're Just Llike California Now

.....I lived in Denver in 1972 for a year. It was a much smaller town then. I remember there was a popular bumper sticker that said, “DON’T CALIFORNICATE COLORADO.” I think the meaning is clear. I’ve been to Denver and I’ve got to say that while most of Colorado is just fine, Denver has been thoroughly and willingly Californiacated.
.....Denver has become like any large California city. For Example Hwy 70 from Hwy 40. traffic was berserk; the aggressive meanness de rigueur. Heading down a 6% grade into Denver I saw 16-17 year old girls driving at absurdly high speeds, while texting. I’m sure that if they killed a motorcyclist they would call, text and even go on Facebook to tell all their friends how traumatized they were. .....

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