Thursday, June 2, 2011

Honda CL-77

     We hear about barn finds all the time, but the real gold is in garages. So when I'm in the neighborhoods I'm checking out garages for interesting machinery. If you leave your garage door open, I'll take a peek.
     I was really surprised to see a Honda Scrambler in a garage just around the corner from my house. Since I'm not shy, so I stopped and knocked on the door. I met Spence, who turned out to be a really nice guy. He was happy to show me his 1977 Honda 305 Scrambler.
     The 305 Scrambler, designated the CL-77, was produced between 1965 and 1968. There were about 64,000 bikes produced during that time.


The 305 Scrambler had up swept side pipes for more ground clearance that ended in a stylish muffler. Most people removed the muffler and either put a baffle in each pipe or put on a set of "Snuff-or-Nots." Here's a photo from the Internet that should explain Snuff-or-Nots. I think the muffler looks very stylish especially when compared to the really ugly black box on the later CL-350. Spence says he plans to restore the bike and has been collecting correct parts. He also plans an electronic ignition upgrade. The bike only has 12600 miles on the clock and has a nice patina. I urged Spence bring the bike back to stock and clean it without removing the patina of age that it has earned.


Anonymous said...

Nice little CL. I've been wanting to get one since I finished my '64 CB77 last March! I'll find one soon!

Ray said...

How about a photo of your CB? My email address is on my profile.