Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stampede 2011

The Stampede 6 is underway.  The Stampede is a race for hardtail choppers.  No windshields or fairings, no hard saddle bags and no rubber mounted engines are allowed. This year the Stampede started at South Lake Tahoe, California and will finish at the Greenleafe Inn in Pine Bluff, North Carolina. As I write this entry the 26 riders who started are about half way across the country.

The course is not revealed until the evening before the race. It was known that this year the course would avoid the interstate highways. It was to be two lane highway most of the way. I snapped a photo over some one's shoulder as the course sheets were passed out.
The race follows Highway 50, the Loneliest Highway in America, for 3100 miles then turns south to finish at Greenleafe Inn.
The people who are riding in the Stampede come from all over, and they rode their bikes to get to the starting line. You won't find any trailers hidden in the neighborhood.
I've got a load of photos and as soon as I can I'll post more.


boadicaea said...

Do you have any links to the Stampede finish, such as who has checked in? Some concern here about someone who stopped communicating in a storm (not unusual, but we think it's over now--that was Wednesday morning).

It's also possible the partying has taken precedence. It happens!!

Ray said...

I do not, but please let me know when you find out. Not many, even dedicated riders, know about The Stampede, so details are hard to find.
Email me at

TJ said...

Did Charlie the Nomad win (again)? Distance? Time? Hard to find any info / photos re: the race, and especially from the finish at the Horse Smokeout. Any results info / during race stories / end party photos would be greatly appreciated. THX!

Ray said...

Charlie won by about 8 hours. He had a flat tire in Maryland and lost 12 hours. He said it was brutal.