Monday, August 1, 2011

The Real McCoy and the J-Mack

Lee and I took a ride to the town of Locke for lunch at Ed the Wop's.  Locke is on one of the hundreds of "islands" in the Sacramento River Delta.  There are several ways to get to Locke, I like to go by way of the Real McCoy and the J-Mack.
From Rio Vista on Hwy 12, we turned north along the main shipping channel.  After a few miles on the levee, we took the car ferry called the Real McCoy across Cache Slough to Ryer Island. 
We rode around Ryer Island to a smaller ferry named the J-Mack on Steamboat Slough.  The J-Mack is one of the last operating cable ferries.  A cable ferry pulls itself along a cable that is fixed between the banks of the river.  The ferries are free and even though the rides are short they are a lot of fun.