Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stampede 7 Results

1.   Adam MacDonell            44:38
2.   El Nomad                        47:38
3.   Cy Henry                        47:55
4.   Ray Watson                    49:51
5.   Buck B                           50:48
      Paul Corey                     50:48
6.   Jim Hunchuk                   55:31
7.   Nathan Friesz                 57:21
8.   Valardi Gonzales            57:50
9.   Chris Schreiber              58:35
10. Syrus DeJong                 60:50
      Frank Dotson                 60:50
11. Sue Brooks                    66:04
      Steff Brooks                   66:04
        (Mr. & Mrs. Mayagi)
12. Pete Cushing                  66:50
13. Tony Ace                       69:49
14. Frankie Doraime            69:55
15. Jared Stoker                  71:45
      Ryan Beniasch               71:45
      Chris DeBow                 71:45
      Chal Berab                    71:45
      Kent Kruger                  71:45
16. Bob Marshall                 81:42
17. Jay Jacobs                     83:45
18. Juan Ortega                   83:46
19. Ted McAllister              93:30
20. Dennis Carley               105:24
21. Richard Gibson             105:37
22. Dean "Fuzzy" Howes     129:57 

The route started in Barstow, Ca., then headed west to Santa Monica. The route then turned around and headed east following Hwy 10 to Jacksonville, Florida. After Jacksonvill the course turned north and finished at the Greenleafe Inn in Pinebluff, North Carolina. 
39 Riders left Barstow, The above 29 riders completed the roughly 3000 mile route and the top 6 riders got "Hard Ass" patches.
I can't post any photos because I am in Beckley, West Virginia. I am having lot of mechanical trouble but should be home in a week or two. While I didn't take any photos during the race (I was a little busy) but I've got tons of photos of the competitors and The Smoke Out and I will share when I can.         


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray, congrats again on kicking some serious butt at the stamede. And thanks for all the good convos, your one hell of a guy! Hope the starter issue gets better for you, your fellow and lesser stampeder, S. O. Bob

Ray said...

Hi Bob,
What a great adventure! Thanks for the kind words. I got the starter fixed in Beckley, West Virginia and had no more starter problems.
Bob, I'm glad I met you, you are one of the good guys.

gordon said...


Great ride. You earned that Hard Ass patch! Did you cut your hair???


Ray said...

Yep, I'm pretty proud of the patch.

My daughter Lee went into the Navy. She wanted me come to her basic training graduation and she asked me to cut my hair for the occasion. I’m more proud of her.