Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Big Kawasaki is Sold

     I sold the big Kawasaki, I had to do it.  Next year’s Stampede is going to be limited to 550cc’s and the Kawai was a 1000.  The thing ran like a combo freight train and Swiss watch.  Sure there were a few mechanical issues during the race, but the engine itself ran with power and enthusiasm that inspired confidence.  This bike could really eat up the miles.
     I hate selling a motorcycle.  I feel a connection with the machine through places and adventures.  This bike and I shared a very big adventure.  Besides this bike just looked right in my garage.
     I put the shocks back on for Sean, the new owner.  I also removed the auxiliary gas tank and remounted the seat.  Sean seemed delighted with the bike and I hope he enjoys it as much as I did.


Max Piedra said...

Owning a bike as cool as that, I'm pretty sure Sean will enjoy his every ride on it. By the way, the bike seems to be in the good condition. You must’ve taken very good care of it. Don’t worry though. I think Sean seems to be the type who will treasure that bike as well.

Janet Ndinda said...

Any one who terms himself a motorcycle enthusiast feels good about owning a motorcycle. Am sure Sean is one of these people who have great passion for motorcycles. Good working on the bike, it has being kept in good conditions. V Twin Bike Parts