Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Famous Road Signs

It is said that the early settlers called the river "Drowning River" because it is a scary looking "black water" river. Black water refers to the color of the water, which is a dark color because of minerals in the water. 

Now days only the headwaters are known as Drowning Creek. Drowning Creek flows into the Lumber River and then from North Carolina into South Carolina. It then flows into Little Pee Dee River and then into the Big Pee Dee River and finally into Winyah Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. 

On my way to The Smoke Out at Rockingham Speedway, I couldn't help but stop to take a photo, however, I decided not to take a swim.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stampede 2012

Here are some photos from Stampede 7. The first half are taken in Barstow at the start of the Stampede, the rest are taken 3000 miles later in Pinebluff, North Carolina at the Greenleafe Inn.

The rest of the photos are in North Carolina.